I am very happy with their hard work and dedication

I am very happy with the hard work and dedication of the Hippocratic Solutions team. Since contracting with their medical billing service, our receipts have increased significantly, and our patient statements go out promptly after the office visit. In the past, patient statements have gone out months after the scheduled visit, and even insurance claims were delayed often for a few weeks. Claims are always sent promptly with Hippocratic Solutions, thus resulting in a quicker reimbursement. We also receive very few calls from patients wanting a further explanation of their billing statement. Patient statements are clear, concise and very easy for the patients to understand. Accuracy of initial insurance claims is superb, and the quality of work in general is outstanding. Additional value added services to prevent future billing errors, while maximizing current charges added an additional level of expertise to the experience. I would recommend Hippocratic Solutions to any physician looking for exceptional service and hoping to avoid the headaches and confusion of medical billing.

Hippocratic Solutions