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After working in a group setting for a few years, it became time for me to venture out as a solo practitioner. I had no experience with billing directly or dealing with insurance companies and that’s where Hippocratic Solutions became my new best friend. Hippocratic Solutions took all my worries away and promptly enrolled me with all the major insurance carries. My claims are processed timely and by knowing the financial aspect of the business is under control, I am able to focus on patient care. I truly trust their knowledge and expertise. Hippocratic Solutions is a very valuable asset to me and my practice and I highly recommend them to any practitioner, established or new, to make them feel at ease when dealing with the insurance industry and knowing that their best interests are at heart.

Dr. Andrea Hunt, AMH Podiatry PLLC


As a practicing podiatrist for greater than 35 years, I have witnessed the changes in our industry become more complex and vexing. Making the switch from either in office billing or to another billing company is both an emotional and stressful task.Hippocratic Solutions lead by Peter Koukounas and his team of billing associates made the transition seamless. There was little or no perceptible lapse in accounts receivable. I have seen an increase in monthly collections and a substantial decrease in processing delays. The team is always ready to answer my questions or concerns. I am approaching our one year anniversary with Hippocratic Solutions and highly recommend them to other potential groups seeking a new biller. You will not be disappointed!

Helene Manno, DPM, Cliffside Park, New Jersey


Employing Hippocratic Sloutions has been the best practice management decision that I have made in many years. Peter and his staff are courteous, efficient and extremely knowledgeable of podiatric specific coding and billing. They have also been very helpful in the conversion to Icd-10 and electronic records. This association could not have come at a better time for my practice.

Dr. Martin Alongi, Beverly Hills Podiatry


Our practice has been using Hippocratic Solutions for over a year now. We have seen a drastic increase in revenue and MUCH faster turnaround from claim submission to payment. Peter is a wealth of knowledge regarding best coding practices and his knowledge of coordinating his services with our EHR are invaluable. The team assigned to our account provide not only billing but authorizations and benefit information quickly, saving us hours on the phone. We are very happy we made the move to Hippocratic Solutions.

Laurie Yorke RN, WCC, Practice Manager Essex Union Podiatry


I have been working with Peter and his Hippocratic Solutions billing team for the past 6 years. Peter has given me great advice on billing and practice management. The podiatry specific billing knowledge that Peter and his team bring to the table is unsurpassed. He allows me to be the Podiatric Physician and they take care of the billing. They have gone above and beyond what I was offered by other billing companies. I have referred a number of Podiatry Groups to him and everyone has been very happy with his professionalism, increased revenue and quick turnaround.

Jacob Reinkraut DPM, FACFAS

I am very happy with their hard work and dedication

I am very happy with the hard work and dedication of the Hippocratic Solutions team. Since contracting with their medical billing service, our receipts have increased significantly, and our patient statements go out promptly after the office visit. In the past, patient statements have gone out months after the scheduled visit, and even insurance claims were delayed often for a few weeks. Claims are always sent promptly with Hippocratic Solutions, thus resulting in a quicker reimbursement. We also receive very few calls from patients wanting a further explanation of their billing statement. Patient statements are clear, concise and very easy for the patients to understand. Accuracy of initial insurance claims is superb, and the quality of work in general is outstanding. Additional value added services to prevent future billing errors, while maximizing current charges added an additional level of expertise to the experience. I would recommend Hippocratic Solutions to any physician looking for exceptional service and hoping to avoid the headaches and confusion of medical billing.

Dr. Jerod Darnell


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