Wound dressings serve several important purposes such as absorbing exudates, preventing infection, splinting the wound area and maintaining high humidity. Podiatrists see patients with a wide range of conditions ranging from diabetes to peripheral artery disease that can significantly increase the risk of wounds. Electronic wound care programs are ideal to streamline the wound-care prescription process in any podiatry practice.

Foot and lower-leg wounds require specialized wound care, particularly in patients who are at high risk for complications. Podiatrists know that proper dressing can facilitate faster wound healing in patients. Understanding the purpose of a dressing, the dressing categories, and what makes up a dressing prescription can improve the quality of care podiatrists can provide their patients. Wound dressings can have three layers – primary, secondary, and tertiary and adjuncts (like tape and saline). Primary dressings are typically non-adherents, collagens, or alginates and they are in contact with the wound bed. This dressing might also cover a graft, like a skin graft or a biologic graft. A secondary dressing can be simple gauze, or foam for moderate or heavy drainage and supports the primary dressing. A tertiary dressing is usually a type of wrap, like thin or thick roll gauze, a conforming bandage, a cohesive bandage, or a multilayer compression dressing.

Along with good clinical wound treatment, prescribing the right wound supplies is important for any podiatry practice. Offering wound care kits to patients can ensure that their needs are met, taking your practice to the next level.

Concierge Wound Care Solutions from Hippocratic Solutions

Concierge Wound Care Solutions offered by Hippocratic Solutions is designed specifically to streamline the wound-care prescription process, which benefits podiatrists as well as their patients. The company’s partnership with iRemedy, a leading ecommerce medical supplies provider will enable podiatrists to prescribe, dispense, and bill for advanced wound care supplies through their DME license. Practices can dispense wound care supplies on-time to patients. iRemedy’s online platform makes it convenient for podiatrists to submit and manage wound care prescriptions for their patients with chronic wounds. Podiatry billing process for wound care is also made easy, as this online platform will audit the prescription for the podiatrist and handle insurance preauthorization and any insurance denials. It handles everything right from taking the order to supporting your patient.

With this wound care program, podiatry practices can benefit from a completely streamlined, electronic wound-care prescription process—with no subscription required. This revolutionary program ensures that supplies are put together and shipped directly to the patient’s home in a timely manner.

Digital prescription benefits for podiatrists and patients –


  • Reduce prescription mistakes and billing errors
  • Earn 100% of revenue generated
  • Improve the quality of patient care
  • Get reimbursement without denials
  • Can do away with physical paperwork
  • Save the amount of time spent on prescription management


  • Get supplies shipped home directly in a timely manner
  • Avoid trips to the pharmacy or waiting in lines
  • Get wounds treated in the comfort of their own home
  • Save other costs
  • Increased convenience in getting wound supplies
  • Feel the confidence for healing they seek

Digital filing also eliminates going through the long process of waiting for a reply and having to resubmit any necessary changes to be able to fulfill the request. The simple process of digital prescribing frees up time and allows you to put your focus back on the patient.

Digital wound prescription process involves —

  • Signing up for Wound Care Program
  • Submitting patients’ wound care prescriptions online
  • Submitting new orders and reorders as needed

As the patients get their wound care supplies fast, practices can also receive 100% of the revenue generated by wound care orders. Most prescribed wound care products are also billable to insurance. With these Wound Care Solutions, the company also handles claims, insurance verification, wound care package preparation, and shipping. It helps to manage all aspects of supply fulfillment and reimbursement for wound care solutions prescribed by podiatrists for their patients.

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