1. 3 Keys to a Successful Podiatry Practice

    Many podiatrists are currently trying to juggle the business part of owning their own practice and the practical part of providing patients with exceptional podiatry care. How can you balance both and create a successful podiatry practice that will lead to the best overall outcome? While the answer isn’t simple, it can be simply broken down. Patients | The First Key to a Successful Podiatry Prac…Read More

  2. Taking Advantage of Your DME License

    Many podiatrists already dispense wound care supplies or durable medical equipment (DME) from their offices for patient use. However, if you are one who simply writes a prescription then sends your patients to a DME provider, you are missing out on a considerable source of revenue for your practice. Let’s take a look at how you can increase revenue and patient satisfaction just by taking advanta…Read More

  3. Why Submitting Wound Care Prescriptions Digitally Is a Wise Choice

    If you are one of the many podiatrists who have been reluctant to prescribe wound care because of the overwhelming paperwork involved, you are not alone. Up until recently, the process of prescribing wound care has been archaic and time-consuming. Finally, there is another way! Let’s take a look at how digital submission of your clients’ wound care prescriptions can free up time and money for …Read More

  4. Wound care prescriptions

    Hippocratic Solutions Announces Partnership With iRemedy, Simplifying Wound Care Prescriptions

    Hippocratic Solutions, an outsourced podiatry billing firm, has announced a partnership with iRemedy. iRemedy is the leading e-commerce medical supplies provider. This partnership will enable podiatrists just like you to prescribe, dispense, and bill for advanced wound care supplies through their DME license. Along with outsourced podiatry billing services, Hippocratic Solutions’ clients will no…Read More

  5. podiatry billing process

    Understanding the Podiatry Billing Process

    As your podiatry practice grows, you may start to wonder about outsourcing your billing to a third party.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of outsourced billing and the options available to you. We should not forget that the delivery of health care is also a part of the industry that needs our attention. From a business standpoint, having a smooth and efficiently run practice allow…Read More

  6. Wound care products

    The Benefits of Offering Wound Care Products to Patients

    If you have been in the podiatry field for any amount of time, then you know the importance of wound care products. Foot and lower-leg wounds require specialized wound care, particularly in patients who are at high risk for complications. Understanding the purpose of a dressing, the dressing categories, and what makes up a dressing prescription can improve the quality of care that podiatrists are …Read More

  7. Why You Need Outsourced Podiatry Billing

    When it comes to podiatry billing, there are only two options: hire an in-house team, or outsource the job to a third-party company. Which road will you take? In this blog, Hippocratic Solutions will discuss the benefits of outsourcing your podiatry billing to a professional medical billing company. If you choose the right company for the job, outsourcing has the potential to save you money, free …Read More