You might assume that outsourcing your podiatry billing would give you less control. However, with a podiatry billing company, you’re turning over your billing processes to a team of seasoned professionals who will work with you to find tailored solutions that increase your cash flow and improve your operational efficiency.

Maintaining podiatry billing software, freeing up office space, purchasing billing supplies, and investing in billing employees can eat up a lot of your time and your money. By outsourcing your podiatry billing to a company like Hippocratic Solutions, you’re leaving the purchasing, upgrading, and investing to the professionals — and that can free up time and money for you to make your business better.

As the owner of a podiatry clinic, it can be difficult to keep your billing data safe and secure. With a professional podiatry billing service, you get a third-party system that’s 100 percent secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant to avoid potential hacking or privacy violations.

Medical billing rules and regulations change about as quickly as the weather. Do you really want to spend your time teaching billing employees new regulations and updates every single week? Outsourced podiatry billing companies always have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to regulations changes — it’s their job. They’ll make sure your practice is always compliant so you can spend your time on your employees and your patients.

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring in-house medical billing employees doesn’t just cost you time — it can cost you plenty of money, too. If you have medical billing positions with a higher turnover rate, you’re constantly paying salaries and spending valuable time training new employees who aren’t as productive, and that can slow your entire practice down. By outsourcing your podiatry billing, you don’t have to pay salaries or train employees; you have experienced third-party professionals handling every claim.

What happens when your most experienced billing department member doesn’t have the answer to a crucial billing question? Outsourced podiatry billing companies have access to a large network of industry professionals and resources that can help them solve the most complicated billing and coding problems. Money can’t buy assets like that. Choosing a third party for your billing needs ensure your problems will be solved. In fact, you probably won’t hear about the problems in the first place.

Why did you get into podiatry in the first place? Was it for the logistics or the billing? You got into podiatry because you wanted to make the lives of your friends and neighbors better. Why spend your time on billing when you could be doing what you love most? At Hippocratic Solutions, we offer tailor-made podiatry billing software and management services that improve your cash flow, operational efficiency, and quality of life for you and your patients. Call us to get started.