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Practice Fusion

Hippocratic Solutions Partners with Practice Fusion

In support of our physicians, Hippocratic Solutions has entered into a partnership with Practice Fusion, an uncomplicated, cost effective and highly efficient Electronic Health Records (EHR) provider. Given that Hippocratic Solutions is always on the look out for strategies that make things easier for our physicians, we have aligned with Practice Fusion primarily because it is efficient, cost effective and can be activated in less than five minutes. Best of all, there is no extensive training, no long term contracts and no downtime to the physician.

What Is Practice Fusion and What Makes it Better?

Due to the 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan, physicians in the US must comply with the upcoming deadline for implementing EHR. This compliance qualifies a practice to receive $44,000 or more in incentives. Consequently, in our effort to help physicians reap these benefits effortlessly, Hippocratic Solutions is incorporating Practice Fusion into our system primarily because it eliminates the enormous software licensing fees, meets the criteria for reimbursement, and integrates seamlessly into our billing services. With Practice Fusion, the physician can pocket the $44,000 incentive rather than put it towards an internal sever based software solution that can range anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000, depending on the size of your practice.

As a free, web-based EHR, Practice Fusion already has over 25,000 physicians and practice managers in 50 states. It has been adopted by many practices mainly because it breaks down the traditional costs, learning curves and technology barriers, and in their place, provides a simple, practice management tool that far surpasses any other EHR. Designed for flexibility, physicians can add as many accounts and patients as they choose. Plus, standard medical history, charting and prescribing functions that are easily customized. Whether you are a small private practice or a large physician’s group, no fees are ever involved and no expensive investments are required. In addition to the many important features, Practice Fusion meets the needs of more than 30 specialties with access to modified templating, specialized charts and frequently used ICD-9 codes. New features are always being added.


The Benefits of Implementing Practice Fusion & Hippocratic Solutions Billing Services

We’re ready to help you get started. Sign up with Practice Fusion and Hippocratic Solutions Billing Services and see the benefits and advantages immediately. As the fastest growing EHR community in America, when you sign up for Practice Fusion’s free EHR software, you’ll have many options available. We’re ready to help make things easier and far more organized than ever before. Contact us to learn more about Practice Fusion. Why delay? You can have the system up and running in 5 minutes. Join with the 25,000 members already signed up and see why Practice Fusion is making life easier for so many physicians.practice fusion